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Be sure to drink more water when eating salty foods to help flush out the sodium.Pasta and Other Carbohydrates Every carbohydrate that your body stores attracts three times as much water as protein does.In 1989, the Pershing Square Property Association and the Community Redevelopment Agency contributed to assist the Department of Recreation and Parks in the renovation of the park.

Ditto for certain foods that are prone to causing gas, like broccoli, Brussels sprouts and beans.But you may not know about these other sneaky culprits.Pershing Square is in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles at 532 S. The facility is operated by the Department of Recreation and Parks.Pershing Square features an open and elevated ayan-style amphitheater, a grove of orange trees that pays tribute to Los Angeles’ agricultural roots.Hereunder I will limit myself to Disques Vogue, the Continental operation.

Also, I will not discuss Traditional Jazz, although the New Orleans artist Sidney Bechet was one of the label’s major assets, a real cash cow.

All you need is a weight bench and a set of dumbbells and you can change the way you look. I'm not a body builder, I'm not a gym rat, I'm not spectacular, by any stretch of the imagination," adds Harvey.

"For a 51-year-old guy, though, I'm pretty fly." For sure, Harvey's fitness crusade was born of vanity the day he turned the Big 5-0 last year.

An outdoor ice skating rink is hosted by Pershing Square November through January including a snow laden Winter Holiday Festival.

Dedicated for use by Mayor Aguilar in 1866, this park land was named "La Plaza Abaja." During World War I, the Square was often the scene for militia receptions and provided a forum for public speakers.

Which explains why your jaw drops to the marble floor when he walks into his man-den with a bald head, a stylish, form-fitting black collared shirt and belted pants. I been tossing and turning all night long," he announces, putting a little bounce in his knees for emphasis, coaxing a huge laugh from his trainer, Lee Haney, the eight-time Mr. The "50 and Fly" headline: If Harvey could put down the fork, pick up a dumbbell, and wind up with the best set of guns and abs he's ever had in his 51 years on this here Earth, then any man can.