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You can find the current temperatures around the Arctic (whatever day you’re reading this) at this fantastic interactive Athropolis weather map. Most people are aware that it’s cold during an Arctic winter but often forget about the fact that at 80N and above, the sun does not rise above the horizon from the middle of October until the end of February, which means dusk-like conditions are the most “daylight” that exists for more than four months.

Depending on where a polar bear is spending the winter (north or south of 80), the number of sunless days will vary. It had a “winter’s night” of 3 months (early November – early February) – about a month shorter than that experienced at Alert and twice as long as at Murmansk.

They called their winter home An English translation of De Veer’s journal is now available online and it offers a fascinating glimpse of what it meant to live through that long dark winter under almost-constant fear of attack by polar bears.

Did you perform tracks from your albums at the Brigittines Chapel, or do you only improvise when performing live? I am composer of these things, so whatever I try that I didn't write before would qualify as improvisation.And the moment you do it again, it probably becomes a pattern.The design team includes Drama Desk nominated sound designer Ien De Nio (Pilo Family Circus).Prosecutors are now said to be carrying out checks at the institutions where the women, who were all under 30, are enrolled, to make sure they are in compliance with 'programs aimed at ensuring respect for the law among their members', reports In advance of his London show at Denovali Swingfest this Sunday, sound artist/composer Thomas Köner speaks to Joseph Burnett about last year's Novaya Zemlya album, the lure of empty spaces and how his seminal duo Porter Ricks use techno as a cloaking device Thomas Köner is a German composer and multimedia artist who has become renowned worldwide for his exploration and recreation in sound of remote, icy landscapes, generally situated geographically within the cold borders of the Arctic Circle.

2012 was a vintage year for Köner, one that saw his first album for Touch, Novaya Zemlya, released to rave reviews, and the reissue on Type of Porter Ricks' 1996 album Biokinetics, the seminal debut of his dub techno duo with Andy Mellwig.

Things they missed out on: the Chernobyl meltdown, the fall of Communism, the mass exodus of Russian Jewry and the rise of Roseanne. and as part of Guerilla Girls: We Are Theatre Night.

As the Apartov siblings become aware of the world beyond their shack, their illusions collapse faster than the U. Caggiano returns to Fringe NYC for another season after directing the Fringe NYC 2012 existential hit (The Shell).

The cast features Liba Vaynberg (Black Milk, Macbeth) as Dascha the wide-eyed daughter, Thami Moscovici (I Can't Imagine Tomorrow) as Elena the protective mama bear .

Kevin Russo (Abstract Nude) as the scheming Serge, Robert Eigen (The Bald Soprano, Three Sisters) as the mysterious General Popov, and Alisa Glembotski (Merchant of Venice) who artfully plays three distinct characters as Raina/ Baba Yaga/ KGB.

A committee is currently investigating whether the hip-thrusting performance amounts to negligence or even 'debauched action' - punishable by a range of sanctions from community service to three years behind bars.