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Despite promising myself to take a break from online dating apps come the New Year, here I was, once again, risking it for the biscuit (the biscuit is a metaphor for “love” by the way, not a Tim Tam, unfortunately). He was very funny and super intelligent, yet a little awkward and somewhat dorky. The barmen are rocking perfectly curled moustaches, patterned bow ties, and navy suspenders. The difference this time is, I can actually see what he looks like. It didn’t take long for me to realise that Aiden is actually really lovely. No more than six weeks into 2017, I was downloading a new online dating app – Bumble. And as it turned out, for the months of February and March, I liked funny, intelligent, humorous and dorky. And so after a few dates in, I actually began questioning my move to Melbourne. The tables are filled with people sipping on cocktails, their faces lit merely by candlelight. Dressed in a crisp white button up and blue chinos, the guy looks good.

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There's a chance to win some prizes too with a wine themed quiz.

My single girlfriends who are big wine enthusiasts often ask, “What type of wine should I order to signal my ‘sophistication’ yet avoid ‘snobbery? What if he’s not a big ‘wine guy’ and I know a lot more than he about wine – is it ok to show it? (Please note: if, upon reading this brief set of dating to-do’s, your date decides to game the system based upon the aforementioned advice, feel free to email [email protected] more “dating with wine” advice.) For the Ladies: Gals, as is almost universally the case, I am a big believer in that being yourself — and that means signaling you have no wine knowledge if that is the case and asking your date or the sommelier for advice on what to taste — or being honest that you have a fair amount of wine knowledge after spending two summers in France — is the way to go.

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And so, Aiden and I take the party to the city-view balcony of his apartment.

Come early evening, two cheese wheels down and two bottles of wine later, the park rangers begin to close the gates on the gardens for the day. I know that now is not the time to mention anything about a potential move to another city.

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