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For his part the actor denies the rumors that he’s difficult to work with, rather he insists the difficulty comes with the film’s promotion later because he hates the flying that is required to do media appearances.

When her father (Bruce Greenwood) does everything he can to keep them apart, their love affair becomes reckless, as they give in to their passion.During a press conference to promote the film, actor Alex Pettyfer talked about finding the right tone, his favorite romantic films, making this version more accessible for audiences, how secure he is about approaching women, working with this cast, how awkward kissing scenes are to shoot, what he remembers about his own first love, and that he’s currently unemployed but auditioning. Collider: How did you strike the right balance in tone for a romantic film, and what are some of your favorite romantic films or romantic comedies?While you’d expect personal problems to result in a lot of finger pointing between the two parties, that doesn’t appear to be happening here. The problems did not end when filming wrapped either.Pettyfer is actually pointing the finger at himself, at least for some of the issues. Alex Pettyfer and his girlfriend moved into a new apartment following the movie which was owned by a friend of Channing Tatum’s.Alex Pettyfer alexpettyfer Instagram photos and videos. Alex Pettyfer caresses new girlfriend Marloes Horst at.

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We access the movie at a point where he’s already a little bit in love with Jade.

Stormbreaker’s Alex Pettyfer, 23, is the sexy star of Endless Love – the romantic film to go really soppy over this Valentine’s weekend. I had organised lots of things myself but she told me she’d arranged a surprise and I realised she’d get much more enjoyment out of surprising me than if I insisted on doing what I’d planned. Who would turn around and say they’re not romantic?

She has this amazing quality to her: she is so beautiful but she has this real naive awkwardness to her. The film is set around the time of the characters’ high-school graduation – you left school at 15. All of the mates who I am still in contact with are just leaving college now. I have never got drunk or taken drugs – I am not going to be getting wasted in a club. I have always wanted a family and children at a young age. I love modelling and diving into the fashion world because I am the most unfashionable man you can imagine.

I think you have to be very secure as an actor to escape yourself - to revisit someone's past, whether you're portraying another person or creating someone, and then to come back to who you are and not bring those emotions with you.

Pettyfer was dealing with the death of a family member and so ignored the issue for a while.