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Every time I started to feel weary from school work, I was transported back to the world of , where a devastated Liam sat devotedly by the bedside of his comatose wife only to learn of a secret past marriage of hers to a certain gorgeous celebrity – a man he’ll have to consider allowing into his life to bring his wife back. But this drama and power-of-love stuff got me through that day. Since then I have read 9 ½ of Hannah’s 20 (I think) books and even got to meet her in person after her recent publication of This story about a feral 6-year-old who appears to have grown up in the woods and her relationship with the child psychiatrist who tries to bring this child out of her shell made my heart swell and took about a few gazillion tears from me.

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These are so far out of my preferred genre they almost may as well not even be books (hehe) but I may have to give those older books a try one of these days!

Hannah Davis is the cover model of the 2015 Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition and nearly all of her is on display. " the IMG model wrote, sharing a pic of the cover on Instagram.

The 26-year-old model remarked that she and her shortstop are expecting a daughter, but that Derek, who will become a first-time father at the age of 42, wasn't there when she found out the baby's gender.

Hannah doesn't eat meat, but apparently her growing baby doesn't care about that.'Now I crave beef jerky all the time, which is kind of interesting.' she said.

before joining The Style Council, Paul's second band, in 1983.

The couple married in 1987 but their relationship ended in 1998.

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And that's not all.'I like a lot of gummies, like candy and stuff like that… Formerly more particular about what she would put in her body, that's changed and now the model said now she wants to eat everything.