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Russell said Lawrence wore black eyeliner in the fateful 2011 audition. I was like, ‘Well, Van Gogh didn’t start painting until his early 30s, so it’s not a bad example. Otherwise it ain’t going to be your art or your vision. And that’s for Jennifer and I to do.” Future filmed on the campus of Loyola Marymount University. "I asked her to cry and she made me cry,” he said, his own eyes filling with tears as he spoke about Lawrence. ’ She imitated how the spider went when she tried to attack [it]. She was unlike anybody I’d ever seen.” Lawrence, who was "an eleventh-hour addition" to ," had made a worse first impression on Russell when they briefly met at a January 2011 American Film Institute lunch. ’ I said, ‘Wow, she doesn’t look anything like that.’ Then [later in 2011], she did a Skype audition that blew me away." THR COVER: The Wild Imagination of David O. "I went personally to his office in New York to show him the Skype. And then I found the script in the garbage down in the lobby of the building.” It was only in his 30s that Russell found success with his first feature, . He did OK.’ I don’t think he made it to 40, but let’s not focus on that part.” Russell said he was veering away from his reported interest in working in TV -- which may be bad news for ABC, which is developing a series for him. My guest today is really one of the most original filmmakers in America. He has this extraordinary gift of capturing all the chaos in life, and managing to make it somehow a coherent narrative. RUSSELL: Thanks Steve, for that lovely introduction. “She cried, so she went to get a tissue in the bathroom. “She looked kind of like an Orange County girl," said Russell, "all dressed up in a white dress with big hair, with high heels. Russell Then Russell had to convince Weinstein, whose Weinstein Co. I didn’t trust him just looking at it casually himself ... PHOTOS: Making ' American Hustle' “I’m not really transitioning right now to TV projects,” he said. He blends comedy and tragedy, in ways that nobody else has done.

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[Laughs.] She kind of sneaks in and takes over half the movie.But here, she’s in the middle, not with a bow and arrow, but with her heart and soul. Russell went on a tear against Jennifer Lawrence and Harvey Weinstein during the filming of the movie "Joy" ... We're told there was a loud argument Tuesday on the Boston set between David and Jennifer, and it started over a scene.The eyewitness says David started screaming at her ... A rep for the movie's studio -- Fox 2000 -- tells us yes, there was screaming, but it was all method acting. Law amped-up for a scene in which she screams at someone. We're also told Miramax honcho Harvey Weinstein showed up on the set Wednesday to say hi to Jennifer, but David ordered him to leave.The Davies brothers and friend Pete Quaife jammed together in the front room of their house.

Activities in the Davies household centred around this front room, culminating in large parties, where Davies' parents would sing and play piano together.

“Everybody always goes, ‘Oh, your 20s are the best time of your life.’ In retrospect, I’m like, ‘Not so much. I was trying to do that, and that eventually turned into filmmaking. I was a waiter for a very fancy catering company in Washington D.

Not for me.’ I knew what I wanted to do, but I didn’t know how to do it. But I was always a writer.” He continued: “I was broke the whole time.

As children, the Davies brothers were immersed in a world of different musical styles, from the music hall of their parents' generation, to the jazz and early rock n' roll that their older sisters listened to.

The siblings developed a rivalry early on, with both brothers competing for their parents' and sisters' attention.

It’s the first story I’ve done that has a woman at the center of it.