When did evan rachel wood start dating marilyn manson

She has kept the retro waves and darker make-up, but it looks like she maybe finally starting to find her own identity.I think there’s not a lot wrong with being inspired by someone else’s style.

It has been a while since I did a Red Carpet Transformation post, and I could not think of any one better than Evan Rachel Wood, because her style has been a bit of a roll-coaster.

As the young actress she tried to develop her own style and ended up…just copying Dita von Teese’s.

Personally I don't believe there is anything there with KM and ERW, but just because someone has a type doesn't mean they can't and won't stray from that type.

21-Year-Old Evan Rachel Wood Busted Making Out With Movie Dad | Brad Pitt’s Beer Confiscated, Holmes Hangs With The Smokers | Brenda Song Set To Score Big Bucks For Unauthorized Escort Agency Advertisement | Hollywood Publicist Explains Tells All Stranger things have happened - after all, this is Hollywood.

When Wood first met with showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, she wasn't told much of what would happen to her character, but she was told a lot about the world in which it would happen and the existential questions Dolores would pose – both to herself and the viewers. Which means that today, wearing inconspicuous black in a town where she recently moved knowing almost no one, the single mum is currently the highest-ranked star on IMDb, even if she still might best be known for dating Marilyn Manson a decade ago.

In fact, they're the very questions that drew her to , the latest HBO stab at epicness, in which Wood plays Dolores, an android in a life-size game for the rich and (often) sadistic who comes to realise that the Wild West around her may not be quite what it seems.

One of Evan’s first red carpet appearances was at the citing Evan Rachel Wood as one of the factors in the break-down of their marriage.

Not long after Evan and Marylin went public, and so did her dark locks.

Cruise refrained from any puffing.) Speaking of smoke stops, Brolin was also seen sharing a cig with Will Arnett, Diane Lane and Amy Poehler, who was happily showing off pics of her baby on her Black Berry Bold while British comedian Tracy Ullman entertained Brolin with stories on how her table upset wait staff with their constant demand for more cocktails during the show.

In addition to discussing how people tend to treat Justin Bieber these days, Wood also discussed her romance with shock rocker Marilyn Manson.

According to our eyewitness, Pitt didn’t even realize he was still carrying the beer and was quick (although a little embarrassed) to surrender his adult beverage, although good news is that Pitt was smart enough not to be getting behind the wheel himself.