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I know because he's had to leave work to go pick up his wife from her work.

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I had ordered two pair of glasses he had put up for sale through Eye Scene.

Although I sent him the amount he requested in the form of payment he requested, he has advised me that he has thrown his glasses in the garbage and is returning my payment. I have just received the following message from him: “I'm sorry for the trouble.

Oh, and if my guess is correct I wish Alain much happiness, and I hope that his lady love is a suitably myopic lady. Gw Gs , Hi High Myope, I emailed Alain when he said he wanted to sell his glasses and asked how much he would sell the whole collection for - i was imaging it wouldn't be a vast sum of money but he came back to me and see he was selling the frames with the thickest lenses for 150 Euros each and the glasses with regular lenses (about up to -6) for 100 Euros each, i'm not very good with conversion rates but i think that would mean that he wanted between £75-100 for each pair of glasses!!! I'd wager that whatever is bothering him, it's something he considers too important to ignore.

I told him that i could no way afford that and was expecting them to be priced more like Stingray's glasses on e Bay. I emailed him again and said i hoped we could work something out as i would love to add a couple of his frames to my collection but i again didn't receive any response. Filthy Mc Nasty , High Myope: Give him the benefit of the doubt. High Myope , I regret to inform the readers of Eye Scene that Alain of “High Myopic Girls” has imploded.

Gw Gs , Well i've been annoyed on a couple of occassions as i've found that someone has hacked into my site - put a link to a site called "Porn Masters".

I can delete the pages they have put it on and reupload it but it still seems to come up occassionly on my front page and what used to be the menu. Alain and i have chatted on numerous occassions and he's already married.

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