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All current models of external tablets connect to computers via USB or Bluetooth. Each of the models have a 5.8 × 3.6 in (14.7 × 9.2 cm) active surface area, a weight of 290 ±50g, and 4 control buttons.

Wacom is famous for its tablets for artists, digitisers that allow them to create art directly on the computer, instead of having to work with pen and paper and then a scanner.

Some models include a puck (mouse) based on the same technology.

Software drivers for recent versions of Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows are included with most models.

In addition to manufacturing and selling tablets, Wacom also provides graphical input technology for some tablet computers, which it calls "Penabled Technology".

Wacom tablet functionality was used in the screen of the Compaq Concerto computer in 1992, making it an early tablet computer.

If you’re looking for a budget option and can sacrifice some quality for price, the Smarson Digitizer Smart Pen costs under 0 and works with both i OS and Android devices.

We tested smart pens that fall into three categories.- Edit digital photos, paint and draw with the natural feel of a pen on paper.- Free downloadable creative software included: Photoshop Elements, - - Auto Desk Sketchbook Express and Nik Color Filters.If you’re a college student, we recommend the Livescribe 2GB Echo Smartpen because you can take audio recordings without needing to get out your smartphone, and you can easily listen to the synced audio alongside your notes on your computer or with the pen itself.If you’re an artist looking to keep digital copies of your sketches and doodles, we recommend the Wacom Bamboo Folio Pad because you can draw on any paper that you place on the pad.Wacom produces several tablet lines, three of which are marketed worldwide.