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The Friday the 13th: The Game Twitter account posted a tweet that left fans hoping Pamela Voorhees could be a new playable character in the game. Biggest question being: will Xbox users ever be able to play it? I'll hang up and listen.”While one said: “Is this your way of keeping us from jumping to Dead by Daylight & playing with Michael Myers?

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Gibb Smith was a young woman from Springwood, Ohio. When she was eighteen-years-old, Gibb enjoyed the life of a party girl which included copious amounts of drinking and smoking cigarettes.

She was best friends with a girl named Lori Campbell and was dating a boy named Trey Cooper.

Kimmy Schmidt was born in Durnsville, Indiana around 1984 to 17-year-old Lori-Ann Schmidt.

According to the episode "Kimmy Goes to Her Happy Place!

Lighting a cigarette, she went over to the window and opened it.

Gibb grew antsy and said that she was going to go on a beer run and flicked her cigarette out the window which bounced off the hockey mask of undead serial killer, Jason Voorhees who had been stalking the house.In August, Dead by Daylight will be receiving the Halloween update on the PS4 and Xbox One.This brings fellow iconic 80s horror characters Michael Myers and Laurie Strode to the online game.His remains are sent to a morgue, where a coroner becomes possessed by Jason's spirit after ingesting Jason's putrid heart.Jason, now in the coroner's body, escapes the morgue, leaving a trail of death. While two of them have sex, Jason kills the third, then the other two.Friday the 13th: The Game has only been out for a few months, but already has got a dedicated cult following - much like the films it's based on.