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A hexagonal design for the speaker has been considered, and Facebook plans to sell it for less than Aloha.More Americans are getting on board with video chat to communicate with friends and loved ones, thanks in part to new smartphone capabilities and Internet services such as Skype, Google Talk, and Apple i Chat, a new study suggests.showed is that Super Hero Day wasn't just for the fans; they are heroes to the players as well.

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"You can't really multitask while you’re video chatting, your computer basically has to stay in one place and you may want to pay more attention to your appearance.

It’s more demanding of your attention in ways other communication is not.” Not surprisingly, however, young Internet users are considerably more likely to conduct video calls.

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The company's Oculus subsidiary started selling the high-end Rift VR headset in January 2016, but Facebook hopes that Aloha will have more mass market appeal.

With a large touchscreen, speakers, and camera for making video calls, the device is intended to Besides Aloha, Facebook's Building 8 is developing a separate smart speaker without a screen that works more like the first Amazon Echo.

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The device is still being developed and is currently on track to debut in May 2018, the people said, although the release date could change.

Aloha represents Facebook's first serious foray into selling consumer hardware.

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