Validating the url

homepages of users on a profile page or within comments on a blog post.On a last note, the class also contains a scheme (aka protocol) validation regular expression. Because of the url encoded newline, the javascript comment started with // will be finished and what follows is arbitrary javascript code. The following modification of filter_var could be worth wile: But even with this wrapping function, the – at least very unusual – url passes validation. And before I forget: filter_var is not multibyte capable.

Finally, I’d like to recommend this nice collection of filter_var tests dependent on the filter flags. Imagine a dating site where user urls are validated with filter_var and displayed on the front page. The absolutely valid url being rejected: To conclude: use filter_var with care, adapt to your situation and be aware of the weaknesses.I had to release the code under the MIT license because it incorporates a big portion of Diego Perini's regular expression—but I will ask him if it is possible for me to release it under the Unlicense license.If you plan to use this regular expression in your code consider to remove the username, password, port and IP address support; since such addresses should not be used for e.g.By commenting, you are accepting the IBM commenting guidelines and the DISQUS terms of service.

Hi, I use Link Module with Advanced Link Module as the widget. I entered some words, auto-complete displayed related nodes (aliased path) and I clicked to confirm. Thanks I've found that the function link_validate_url($text, $langcode = NULL) seems to only validate if the language isn't provided / NULL.

the node containing the link field) has a different language than the page an url alias points at.

I'm not quite sure whether it is correct to pass the langcode of the host entity when looking up an alias.

feature To circumvent it, I entered node/2 , node/3 , node/4 instead of the aliased path shown in the auto-complete.

I just commented out $langcode from the function call on line 423 which got it working again.

The method of data sanitization depends on the type of data and the context in which it is used.