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Lets break a couple things down: One: Marines are Marines. Sorry if it sounds like a nitpick correction, but it's important. I do not believe in it, I think it is a bad idea, and that is not going to change.

Half of the 16 victims of the fiery Marine Corps plane crash have now been identified by friends and family.Officials still haven't released the names of the 15 Marines and one Navy corpsman who died in the crash. Investigators today said that 'something went wrong at cruise altitude' moments before the KC-130T exploded midair, and crashed into a soybean field in Le Flore County, Mississippi killing everyone aboard.Other parents look at you with a blank stare; give you a nod of sympathy and disingenuous congratulations.It can be frustrating and lonely for parents who have to depend on military recruiters for reassurances. Surgery then had bought him five good years before it came back, full force and everywhere. So instead, I arranged for my Marines to meet me the next day — Veterans Day, aptly — and we'll drink to my dad and the Corps. It said, "For my baby, love ya, Dad."And instantly, I remembered how one year I had complained that I dreaded Valentine's Day in the office because I didn't have a boyfriend to send me flowers. I must have used the card for a bookmark and forgotten about it.

He was 58, and he had had been diagnosed with bladder cancer almost six years earlier. I agreed to give a speech that evening to a group of women in Ahwatukee. The other day, I pulled a novel out of a bookcase, and a small card fluttered to the floor. It was a Valentine's Day card from a flower arrangement.The plane was flying from the Air Station Cherry Point, North Carolina for pre-deployment training at the Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, via the El Centro Naval Air Facility in California. James, commanding general, 4th Marine Aircraft Wing, Marine Forces Reserve, said in a press conference this morning.But air traffic control lost contact with the aircraft at around 4pm, and moments later, smoke was seen rising from the fields, said Brig. 'On board were 16 great Americans representing the US Marine Corps and US Navy,' he said.The mission of Officer Candidates School is to train, screen, and evaluate officer candidates to ensure they posses the moral, intellectual and physical qualities for commisioning; and the leadership potential to serve successfully as company grade officers in the Operating Forces.Marines are forged in a furnace of shared hardship and tough training.Your son or daughter has chosen honor, code and country over college, and you couldn’t be more proud of their decision.