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It’s as awesome as it sounds (especially if you are under 10 years old). Our beaches don’t have saltwater, there are zero sharks, and it doesn’t take 20 hours to drive there. Once you get used to our freshwater playground, saltwater is hard to accept. In the rest of the country, people simply throw out their cans and bottles with the rest of their trash. Michigan passed a law in 2004 making it illegal to dispose of beverage containers in the state.Superman ice cream is made up of blue, yellow, and red swirly layers. While us Michiganders from the Lower Peninsula love to hate on the UP, we all know that the UP has us beat when it comes to natural beauty, what with its gorgeous coastline, tons of forest to explore, and barely a tourist in sight. Yoopers are a special hard-core breed of survivors, as they put up with some of the harshest weather in America and still somehow thrive. Instead, we return cans and bottles for 10 cents apiece. The rivalry between Michigan and Michigan State sports is by far one of the most intense in the country.Time goes by and you begin to think — "Is this everything I signed up for?

But on the first day, nearly 1,000 people had signed up.It’s different meeting people here than I would say in the city.” Sailor said one of the main challenges is finding someone with the same interests.It’s because representing the 906 is really important to us. Even if it’s simply a car decal or a keychain — as long as it lets the world know where you’re from and that you’re proud of it. We’re just as knowledgeable about dating as everywhere else.The Pew Research Center tells us that 1 in 10​ Americans has turned to online dating sites. And some get very specific, such as JDate for Jewish singles, or for ... Bugsy Sailor, a born-and-bred Yooper, realized that finding love in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is challenging. Sailor realized that this might be something to look into. “We have a culture that is one of its own and it’s a remote area.The yellow is more or less vanilla, the red is some sort of sweet red mystery fruit, and the radioactive blue layer is…who the hell knows. The winters may be harsh, but, I tell you, the short yet stunning summer is definitely worth the wait. The redemption rate is over 95%, and our land stays clear of trash. As far as football goes, Michigan leads the rivalry with a record of 68-33-5 (Go Blue!

As if torrential snowstorms didn’t making driving in Michigan tricky enough, we’ve got to throw in these crazy left hand turns that, let’s be honest, no one really understands. ); however, the Spartans took home the traveling Paul Bunyan trophy last year in a blow-out game. [/mn_slideshow_slide] We even have a cute, rhymey chant that goes a little somethin’ like this: “Oh how I hate Ohio State! We have one one of the world’s largest suspension bridges, and it connects the Upper and Lower peninsulas of Michigan.

Everyone marks November 15th on their calendars, whether they hunt or not. Yoopers wear flannel and drink PBR to stay warm, not because it’s cool.

People call in sick to work and kids play hooky from school to go out to camp and start looking for whitetail deer. If anyone is an out-of-towner, they more than likely won’t understand the real meaning of flannel.

It's over,' Sandi Campbell 51 of Sterling Heights said while talking about her bad experiences with several online dating services at her home in Sterling heights on Wednesday September 24, 2014.

The dating sites to me are passé, old news, dead vegetables, Barbara Streisand put a fork in it done.

It’s definitely harder to make your hand look like the U. What do you do when half of your family is made up of Packers’ fans, and the other half are Lions’ fans? Especially if they play each other on Thanksgiving Day. This is how you weed out the real out-of-towners from the not-so-out-of-towners.