Updating wii homebrew

Note: The spoofer may actually work on CFW Cobra Editions, but some Cobra features like PS2/PSP ISOs will not work while the spoofer is enabled due the hash of vsh is changed.Attention a spoof allows connection to PSN, but does *NOT* protect against a ban!!

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That I want to be able to play games that don't get released, or not quickly enough, in my region is something else altogether, a subject of much annoyance and frustration.

Instead of alienating customers, even ones who are doing something that Nintendo don't agree with, they should try talking to those involved and stop the actually illegal modules from working in the Homebrew channel, rather than just everything.

The Nintendo Wii was introduced in 2006 and, since then, over 100 million units have shipped.

So, the Wii is almost ten years old, plentiful, and with a few simple hacks, you can conceivably extend its life a few more years.

The Homebrew Channel (HBC) remains one the best and well-known console hacks in recent memory. If you have an old “un Brewed” Wii then there’s no time like the present to change that.

After all, the warranty on your Wii is long expired, and you’re probably not doing anything with it anyway.

If you do update through a disk or network method, you will break the homebrew.

If your system isn't running current games, you can update the mod in your system so it's "current", you can follow the guide here :

Spoof 4.80 for 4.78 CEX (non-Cobra) and Custom Firmware 4.78.x Rebug REX.

See release notes for a detailed compatibility list.

The Wii is already a pretty versatile gaming console.