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Everything works [sound, webcam, keyboard, trackpad, ACPI buttons] except for the microphone (might be the issue with stereo mentioned on this page) and the battery indicator.

The system always detects AC power regardless of the state. These BIOS versions cripple the system: neither keyboard or trackpad work.

In rescue mode there's an error that flies by too fast, so I am not sure what it is about.

ubuntu-12.04-desktop-i386How I did it: I downloaded the iso-file from ubuntu’s website at [UPDATE] Ubuntu 12.04 might be slow on the older eee pc’s like my 901 so you might want to try Xubuntu instead The installation should be the same as on the basic Ubuntu version.

after that I plugged my usb to the laptop and started the Startup Disc Creator -program which is defaultly installed on ubuntu.

– the first option allows you to save changes and files to your usb while you use it.

– the second option discards all changes after you shut down.

Last time, I reported my Eee booted into its bold iconic interface straight away; there was no login prompt or EULA.

Yet, the instructional guide accompanying the unit says there should actually have been a first-time setup wizard.

Features * ACPI support for hotkeys, LCD brightness control and hardware toggles * Toggle hardware (Wi Fi, Bluetooth, card reader, webcam, touchpad) on and off * Easy graphical configuration of hotkey actions * Better (finer granularity, more silent) fan control * Extended LCD brightness (brighter and darker than the default range) * Notifications/OSD (fully configurable) * Performance control (adjusts FSB and CPU voltage) for saving power and/or overclocking * gnome-power-manager integration for automatic performance adjustment * Fine-grained configuration through a configuration file (/etc/eee-control.conf) * Monitor for hardware sensors (fan, temperature) * Internationalization * Clean architecture o eee-control-daemon (low level operations, hardware abstraction, runs with root privileges) o eee-control-tray (GTK/GNOME GUI, configuration, OSD) o D-Bus for communication Currently the Eee PC models 701/701SD, 702, 900, 900A, 901 & 1000/1000H are supported.

Several files need to be installed for the kernel to work.

I clicked the “Other…” button and located the downloaded iso file.

I checked that the creator used my Kingston on the “Disc to use:” option.

Next part doesn’t really matter which one you choose.