Updating to opensuse 11 1

Honestly, while figuring this out, I just kept throwing packages at it until it worked, so some of these might not be needed, but I know it worked for me….

And I just happened to find a mirror or two that were set up in advance, and decided to have some fun. At the time of this writing, t’is the night before Opensuse 11.2 is released. Any feedback about the split-up of R-base is very appreciated!Obviously you only get the version of R that was current, when a open SUSE release got frozen. 42.1 contains R-3.2.2 but we already have R-3.4.0 out by now. Since a few weeks there are maintenance updates to older releases of open SUSE or SLE whenever a new release of R occurs.Remember, the important point here is that we want to be able to do this without downing the server… *We* want to be able to do it without having to drive to the remote site where the server sits, get it?

Caveats: At the time of this update (see below), I’ve only tested it on two 32-bit machines and two 64-bit machines…The compiler is going to search packages first in this location.I did so for example with the biblatex package since it is not part of the Te X Live distribution.So you should stay current with R releases if you perform your regular OS upodates.Below for at least all actively maintained releases of open SUSE available. For your convenience older releases are supported as long as no work is required to keep R compiling for those unmaintained releases of open SUSE.Upgrading open SUSE between releases while the system is running is not a currently supported method of upgrading.