Updating navigon 7200t

New in v10.2.1.778: Black Berry Maps is pre-installed on all Black Berry 10 devices and if you ask me it does a pretty decent job.In fact - I use it to save lives but that's whole different story.

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of the many assignments our visiting intern/art student had to complete by Monday was a series of charcoal drawings.

The five-inch Nuvi 50 is the largest in the Nuvi series and maintains Garmin’s level of simplicity for any driver.

The Garmin Nuvi 50 has a large screen which is perfect for reading maps and directions.

It meant we had to clear off a corner in the office and gave her some space to work, but she was quiet as a mouse all weekend.

It's messy work, but our girl was up to the challenge.If you're a user of Black Berry Maps you'll want to hit up Black Berry World and grab version which is rolling out today.While the update may just be addressing a few fixes it's still encouraging to see Black Berry doing their best to make their native applications for Black Berry 10 as perfect as possible.It has a very accurate sensor, spoken prompts, and turn-by-turn directions.It is very helpful in getting you from point A to point B, but that is about it.That new Mac Book Pro's 7200 RPM HDD singing you too many ballads lately?