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The only editing you’ll need to do to before using this script is change the blog variable, and change the tagged version number in the svn sw command.

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The Contacts feature in Outlook is rather well designed and intuitive to use.In fact, creating contacts in Outlook is one of the easiest things and when you start with it within an hour you will notice that you have added a number of contacts in the Contacts Folder of Outlook. Specifically there are a dozen Horoscope pages, with a paragraph of text. Could you not consolidate all that information into a single page, give that page a template, then add a query var onto requests to that page to determine which starsign to show(could default to the first sign when one isn't present).All of these would allow you to bulk upload multiple days worth of files, and automatically load the correct one by day.While Word Press has finally added core update in its latest 2.7 branch, there are still people out there that will need to update multiple blogs quickly, and if you are managing your blog installations with Subversion, you can go through and update them all very quickly.

Of course, to update multiple blogs, you’ll have to go through to each folder, run the proper Subversion command, and then move onto the next folder.

In case, you are working on other older versions of MS Outlook, then you will need to click on View and go to the Arrange By Option and pick the Customize Current View Option.

Next step would be to select the Group By Option and there pick the Select Available Fields From and Address Fields Options mentioned at the bottom side.

This is a very simple scripting language that allows you to do commands and using simple looping and an array, you can quickly do those commands multiple times for multiple blogs.

When I was working for Bloggy Network, I used a similar script to upgrade upwards of forty Word Press powered blogs in less than five minutes.

Another possibility, but less secure would be to use a plugin that allows you to execute php code in your page.