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I checked the obvious: Troubleshooting Intelli Sense (SQL Server Management Studio) reconfirmed what I already knew and didn't help. This is not a duplicate because while other forum posts list the above steps as "answers" they are not answers for me.They do not solve the problem of intermittent Intelli Sense. It's unpredictable but frequent enough to hamper productivity.

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What I ended up with was a backup directory with my old file and a couple of new files: The .csproj file is the new way to handle the compiler settings and references for the project. While the new file, runtimeconfig.file is where the GC settings were moved to: The project pretty much worked once we made the change with no real changes. Hopefully this post helps you with the same issues. I’ve been watching the changes from using the file to MSBuild (e.g. Instead of manually updating it (which you can do with the SDK alone), I decided to just open the project in Visual Studio 2017 and let it update it for me. Our remote SQL Server was recently upgraded to 2014.

I installed SQL Server Management Studio 2014 on my Windows 10 client computer. Suppose I'm typing The moment I type the period, I expect Intelli Sense to list the available tables, as it always does.Is there anything else i can do to fix this problem? As @Erik mentioned, Intellisense is not perfect at picking up changes made to the database since the script was first opened or [email protected] Vernon -- By intermittent, I mean that on the same computer, while working on a script Intellisense is working.... You can certainly refresh the intellisense cache to get around that; however you need to be aware it may take a minute or two for the refresh to be visible.I don't think anyone here is expert enough in Brackets to give a point-by-point comparison. Perhaps if you're curious you could dig into the code and suggest some performance optimizations?Yeah, I'm already kind of doing this but I'm no expert in and javascript stuff, just wanted to know if anybody cares about this.Also there are various flags to Java that can help with better memory usage.