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I think they'll be all the rage in the future." Gooper Blooper: Maybe it ​is​ pantyhose, but characters can turn weird clothing choices into gold Gooper Blooper: see also: Solid Snake in general, Ramza's assless chaps i Komodo: Hahaha Draco: So....lookin' for Buttercup, Daredevil? Aurora Harpy: assless chaps ​in that short a timeframe Ruby Chao: wow celestia got busy Draco: Bow chicka bow wow Gooper Blooper: helios was a man with needs okay Aurora Harpy: a dancer needs- Aurora Harpy: actually no i'm not gonna finish that Draco: Keep an eye out for the New Sarahkin coming ZFRP '16.Aurora Harpy: become the ant Gooper Blooper: oh great, it's master belch Gooper Blooper: what disgusting thing is he up to today Jumpropeman: if I were to RP an Earthbound character, I would RP Annoying Old Party Man Jumpropeman: I would rename him to Professor Hector or Professor Vector though Ruby Chao: what about New Age Retro Hippie Jumpropeman: I'll RP New Age Retro Hippie in 2014 Draco: Excellent idea, JRM.

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" Seth Rollins Lost His Finisher: "Also noticeable is that things got much more Japanese. Aurora Harpy: RUBY PLEASE Draco: ​​ FERRETS TOOK MY BABY --- Tableter: Jake is a very white name Tableter: And i am the whitest of them all --- Steel Komodo: been having another go at MK9 Steel Komodo: finally getting my groove back with ​​ Nicky-Poo Tableter: Nice Steel Komodo: gonna hit the arcade mode Tableter: Im gonna pick up kenshi for X Tableter: And be ghost dad Tableter: I like how takeda is, on the face of it, a shitty mary sue Tableter: Like, kenshi's son raised by scorpion????Today show and author of Money Rules: The Simple Path to Lifelong Security—her new book simplifies saving so anyone can do it (without killing their social life).While Im Live has probably the best cast of solo female performers you may want to look elsewhere if that’s not your preference. It really seems like Im Live encourages users to interact with models just in private chat.To help you filter through the staggering number of models Im Live has an advanced search function that lets you filter by age, hair, body type, ethnicity, user reviews, and more. This is the first site we’ve seen that allows you to search by the price per minute range - a great feature for the user who wants to maximize their chat time. There’s nothing expressly wrong with this, but it means users may not develop the same connection with the models that they can on other sites. Im Live has a solid but standard suite of features.BI --- Seth Rollins Wearing Pantyhose joined the chat Gooper Blooper: Occasionally CW's username reflects not what Seth Rollins is doing, but what Cornwind himself is doing. Aurora Harpy: do it JRM Jumpropeman: but what about Struttin' Evil Mushroom D: Draco: JRM would be good RPing anything from Earthbound.

Gooper Blooper: it takes two to tango Ruby Chao: aw : V Draco: It'll be like that one Steve Martin movie where his wife and his daughter have kids at the same time. In spoilers: ​ Gooper Blooper: ​; D ; D ; D Jumpropeman: you see, in Mysidia, they use magic to make babies born faster Ruby Chao: ​; D ; D ; D ; D Jumpropeman: I...

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Hruppyp-n-ghi: Here we go; the classic ZFRP argument. Hruppyp-n-ghi: Though to be fair, most of the ones there -are- buxom. : U Hruppyp-n-ghi laughs wickedly at harps' assertion and griiiiiiiiiiiiins until Del bans him Ruby Chao: on one side, suho and sephine Ruby Chao: on the other side, yuugi and silence : V Aurora Harpy: in the middle: Kevvy Ruby Chao: *kevvy and tenshi Tableter: Kenshi and tevvy Gooper Blooper: apparently the actual best body is a tall one - the other two tower over the poor girl in the middle Hruppyp-n-ghi: Hehhehhh. Deer breaks down the door in a giant robot* --- Gooper Blooper: At this point I expect CW to just give up the charade and RP as Daredevil Ruby Chao: do it cw Ruby Chao: doooo iiiit Gooper Blooper: when you're this interested in something this close to RP Gooper Blooper: it just tends to happen Gooper Blooper: (and then chao brings in Banjo-Kazooie) Draco: Does this mean I'll be RPing Jurassic World and Star Wars?

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