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During attempt to repair Borg temporal sabotage with Earth first contact, kidnapped and resisted assimilation by Borg to prevent capture of vessel and loss of timeline integrity 2379 ?Sacrificed himself aboard Reman ship posting after 26 years of existence, Data has quite simply wished to be more human and experience as much of that condition's depths and shadows as his adaptive programming can approximate - with experiments in everything from art, acting, and poetry to keeping a pet cat Spot and imitating humanisms ranging from laughter, sneezing and whistling to dance, facial hair grooming and bedtime routines.

“Eye of the Beholder” Written by Brannon Braga and Rene Echevarria Directed by Cliff Bole Season 7, Episode 18 Production episode 40276-270 Original air date: February 28, 1994 Stardate: 47622.1 Captain’s Log: One of the nacelles is malfunctioning.After rambling on about people laughing at him and such, Kwan says, “I know what I have to do,” jumps into the plasma stream, and is incinerated. Riker wishes he had a few more seconds, and says that Kwan seemed fine just the other day when the nacelle refit was finished.As for the pleasures bit I am not sure if that is limited to sexual pleasure, or if a "wide variety" includes sexual pleasure, but also includes other entertainment things such as the ability to wink. This answer doesn't really add much to the answers that have already been posted.Additionally, we tend to prefer answers that cite a source rather than just make assumptions. Even with that goal, Data turned down a chance to be human offered by Q in 2364, quoting Shakespeare's "To thine own self be true," but inched closer to his goal with the discovery of an "emotion chip" created by his builder, Dr. Although he delayed using it for over a year, the chip when finally installed in 2371 caused a near-overload until Data began learning the complexities of the new world just opened.

Humor was a concept that largely eluded him until that point, although relationships - both positive and negative - were fostered via what Data described as a familiarity of repetition.Soong made sure everything else worked (hair growing, et cetera), it makes sense that he would also supply Data with his own "special purpose." It's also possible that it's part of Dr.Soong's attempt to make an android so realistic that he does not know he's an android, as referenced in the Season 7 episode "Inheritance." I'd have to say, in my opinion, it's assumed he was made to be very life like with all his capabilities; looks, adaptations, mental awareness, that it's not so hard to believe he'd also be equipped with physical functions (fully functional body, sexually) as a normal human being would, or at least a robot/android would. Soong didn't want his android to be a fully functional human being, why not?UPDATE: SD 50900 review cycle: Re: emotion chip of subject Data: Data continue to familiarize himself with the flood of potential the chip opened up, but always until strict supervision to avoid further overloads.Today, two years after installation, he tends to keep it running during normal operations but maintains internal control over the timing should it prove troubling or distracting.It’d probably be a 4 if it weren’t for the useless subplot.