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She's frequently shared shocking, racist opinions online.Now that Tequila's actions have left the internet and are now happening in the real world, it's worth wondering... We may never know, but we can trace her trajectory.After the jump, an excerpt: “Look,” she said, bouncing up to show him the one-piece pink fleece pajamas she wore. If I have to poop, I just pull down this little flap in the back.” She demonstrated by yanking down the flap, and revealing her bare behind.

Sixteen straight men and sixteen lesbians will vie for her affection using the tried-and-true "Flavor of Love" formula, in which the whole gang will live together in a mansion as Tequila narrows down the cast until the show "culminate[s] in a dramatic ceremony unlike anything you’ve ever seen before."However, people could be losing their patience with MTV's reality trash strategy, if the hundreds of negative comments on the article that originally broke this news are any indication. ET, MTV kicks off reality TV’s first bisexual dating show.Here's where Tequila came from, and the controversies that have followed her into 2016.Reality TV star and tabloid mainstay Tila Tequila made headlines in January when her fiancee, 30-year-old Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson, died from diabetes complications.Our thoughts are with his family and friends during this difficult time.

Readers unlucky enough to have sat through MTV's Video Music Awards last night are well aware that Britney Spears' star has finally imploded.

The two had begun a relationship only a month earlier and quickly got engaged.

Several gossip blogs deemed their relationship a publicity stunt, referencing a December video the two uploaded from bed -- clad in push-up bras as Tequila kissed Johnson and showed off the 17-carat engagement ring her new fiancée had given her -- as evidence.

Dani Campbell, a firefighter from Florida who was the runner-up on the first season of the show, told Kaufman she was lured on to the program by the idea that she could date a former Maxim model. “She seemed like she needs that attention and the limelight.”Indeed, Tequila seems to thrive on being in the spotlight.

“But some of the stuff on the show ended up being a little bit obscene and just crazy. After the MTV show ended, Tequila has sold the drama of her own life: blogging and tweeting constantly, posting suggestive videos of herself online and posing for the paparazzi outside popular nightclubs.

Beckley police were called to check on a possibly deceased person at his apartment complex yesterday afternoon, where EMS pronounced Mc Neely dead. "She had found him, which is my understanding," Allard said.