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"Home state" means the state or territory of the United States, including the District of Columbia, in which an insurance agent maintains the insurance agent's principal place of residence or principal place of business and is licensed to act as an insurance agent.

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"In-person assister" includes any individual that is employed by, supervised by, or affiliated with an in-person assister and performs any of the activities and duties identified in division (i) of section 1311 of the Affordable Care Act, any non-navigator assistance personnel, and any other person deemed as such by rules adopted by the superintendent under division (L) of section "Insurance agent" or "agent" means any person that, in order to sell, solicit, or negotiate insurance, is required to be licensed under the laws of this state, including limited lines insurance agents and surplus line brokers.

"License" means the authority issued by the superintendent to a person to act as an insurance agent for the lines of authority specified, but that does not create any actual, apparent, or inherent authority in the person to represent or commit an insurer.

The present value of pre-1991 benefits provided for active members who are connected persons under all registered pension plans of the employer can't exceed 50% of the present value of pre-1991 benefits for all active members.

When improving or adding pre-1991 (pre-1992 for grandfathered plans) benefits for connected persons, a 50/50 demonstration must be provided based on active members as at the date the benefits are improved or added.

Some of the populations served are, children and families, adolescents, and the homeless.

To support groups in crisis human services professionals must be committed, patient, possess listening skills, and have an ability to be empathetic without reducing one’s ability to be empowered (Martin, 2011).... As individuals we take in the problems of the world and it's why we chose this field.

The Registered Plans Directorate RPP Glossary is provided for information purposes only as a plain language explanation for terms used in our forms and does not replace the law, either enacted or proposed.

The information contained in the glossary at publication was, to our knowledge, accurate.

Whenever you die, your beneficiary gets the proceeds of the policy.

Since every whole life policy is guaranteed to pay out if you just hold on to it to your death, the premiums are much higher than a comparable term life insurance policy.

Updates and amendments will be made to the glossary as needed to reflect changes in the legislation or interpretation.