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"We are providing Albertans with access to critical technology and services to support innovation and efficiency across local businesses, while also supporting our most vulnerable citizens through our ground-breaking and life-changing TELUS Internet for Good program.

But with all these new outlets there are inevitably going to be downsides beyond the expected bad/awkward dates we’ve all heard about (or worse, personally experienced).Having these interactions occur online can often give people a false sense of security.Humans have been hacking the world around us since we started making bones into tools.Hacking is the art of making something the way you want it, instead of the way it is.If this happens, park in the Zoo's parking lot and catch the shuttle to TELUS Spark.

At first glance, it may seem that an article such as this unnecessary - that anyone who loves God could not possibly consider spending their whole life married to someone who doesn't! I receive letters daily from women who are desperately trying to serve God in a full and complete way, but are unable to do so because their husband loves and serves the world.

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Our investments across British Columbia have transformed our province into a globally-recognized centre of excellence in respect of technology leadership and world-class networks.

By ensuring British Columbians and Canadians are connected to the people, information and opportunities that matter most, our technology innovation will enable our country to compete and succeed on a global basis for the #Next150 years."TELUS recently launched two innovative programs to support some of British Columbia's most vulnerable populations.

TELUS has evolved from a regional telephone company with western roots dating back to our nation's infancy into a globally leading telecommunications provider, delivering critical services including next-generation wireless technology such as 4G LTE advanced and 5G, and connecting Albertans and their homes, businesses, hospitals and schools directly to our gigabit-enabled Pure Fibre network."TELUS recently launched an innovative program to support some of Alberta's most vulnerable populations.