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He left high school in 1977 to work in the oil fields of Louisiana, but he returned to graduate from Harlingen High School in 1979.

He attended the University of North Texas while living in Dallas.

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Not wanting to lose To T’s momentum, they formed a weekly small group at Santa Maria del Popolo and this providential undertaking sowed the seeds of networking and enthusiasm to address the spiritual needs of a much larger audience. Gilbert, the growing leadership realized they had between them all, the resources of knowledge, creativity, organization and effort to be what no single parish could provide: a fulltime ministry for all Vicariate I Catholics ages 18 to 39.

Connecting with parish-based ministries at Holy Family, St. These volunteers serve more than 100 of their peers through such diverse offerings as Bible studies, sports nights, Feed My Starving Children, dance lessons, encyclical discussions, wine tastings, day trips, speed dating and Stations of the Cross, just to name a few Monica Paolelli has been the coordinator of Hopeline since the organization started in 1989.

She also helps sort and manage the diapers, furniture, formula, toys and other baby items that are donated to Hopeline. Mary of the Woods; Jose Juan and Maria Soledad Moreno, St. Paul of the Cross, Park Ridge; Steve and Peggy Thordarson, St.

Angela Schreiner was responsible for the continuation of Our Lady of the Angels Food Pantry after the parish closed in 1990. Philip the Apostle, Northfield; Mark and Linda Cribben, Queen of All Saints Basilica; Monica and James Schultz Hohner, Queen of Angels; Dan, Teri, Kinsey, Bridget, Kelly and Sabrina Hagedorn, Sacred Heart, Winnetka; Ryan and Darlene Duggan, St.

He also made his directorial debut with Rolling Kansas.

He was raised in Texas: first in Laredo, then in Harlingen.

Hopeline is a volunteer program sponsored by the Niles/Park Ridge cluster of parishes that assists women and girls who are facing the challenges of unplanned pregnancy. Agnes of Bohemia; Phillip and Catherine Whitehouse, St.

Paolelli secures financial support from the parishes every year and coordinates the daily volunteers who staff the hotline, which is run through Our Lady of Ransom. Krol, Mary, Seat of Wisdom, Park Ridge; Michael and Sarah Rabbitt, St. Thompson, Our Lady of Hope, Rosemont; Jeanette Hernandez, Our Lady of Mercy; Beshar Bahjat, St. Barbara (Throop Street); Joy Vanek and William Babuskow, St.

And then after doing the course in Scientology about study, it really helped me learn it a lot easier—and my grades actually improved. It’s about life, it’s a way of life, it’s like who I am.” Who are Scientologists? “I have two boys and they’re a handful,” says David.

“I have a beautiful great wife and any moments we spend together.

Church employees find joy and satisfaction in using their unique talents and abilities to further the Lord’s work.