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My Cotswold garden is very dry, but I am able to grow the moisture-loving Lythrum salicaria 'Feuerkerze' in the shallow part of my small pond, where it thrives.

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The stamens have been replaced with extra petals that deny access to pollinators.Most double flowers share this "sterile" trait and, as a result, have a much longer life in the garden than their single-flowered cousins.Atlanta State Farmers Market - At 150 acres, the Atlanta Market is considered to be one of the largest of its kind in the world.It features a garden center, wholesale and retail activities, and is a major marketing hub and distribution point for fresh produce in the Southeast and throughout the country.These labels were inspired by the cute label designs by Kendra at A Sonoma Garden.

My revised design involved scanning in a swatch of Anna Maria Small Gathering fabric in citrus…The Atlanta Market also has a restaurant, welcome center and USDA Federal-State office.You can find almost any seasonal fruit or vegetable here.A single flower is easily accessed and pollinated, at which point the petals drop and the seed-making process begins.This is why many plant breeders concentrate on producing double flowers, rather than singles - they give better garden value.If several are grown together they will produce seedlings and most named forms are natural selections, rather than deliberate crosses. There is also an excellent German variety bred by Wilhelm Pfitzer in 1902: 'Prinz Heinrich' has deep-pink, semi-double flowers and quilled petals.