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Pretty chill people who's ethnic backgrounds consist of people form the country of Ecuador.No two Ecuadorians are the same, but most share common characteristics.

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Ecuador is right in the middle of Peru and Colombia.Head south to Peru and Peruvian girls are easy – really, really easy for a gringo with just a smidgeon of and Julian Assange’s maybe-sort-of girlfriend, Pamela Anderson, announced she would be opening a vegan restaurant in St. She wrote in her blog post that she is “very focused on the aphrodisiac qualities of a plant based diet,” and she hopes to “make people fall in love with each other and compassionate eating.” Now it seems the people of St.Tropez will have to continue suffering through meat and sexual frustration.But all in all, Ecuadorians know how to have fun and show people a good time - yet at the same time be really chill.

ay 24th marks the Republic of Ecuador’s independence from Spain.Head north to Colombia and Colombian women are pretty hot.Girls in Ecuador are neither pretty hot nor are they that easy (this is quite relative).Hard to imagine him that way — as capable as he is.But, he is up against the biggest super powers in the world.The actress, who has said she met Assange through designer Vivienne Westwood, has been spotted visiting the Wiki Leaks founder at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where he has been holed up for four years, even bringing him a vegan lunch in October."Yes- I think he's quite sexy," Anderson wrote in a March 9 blog post on her website.