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(from Kevin Ewoldt at Hogs Haven) From billionaire to coach and it's not an Adam Sandler movie If you were a billionaire, what would you do with your life?For the former head of TD Ameritrade, the answer is: become an assistant football coach at the University of Nebraska.There are many inexpensive phone sex hotlines in the US and Canada today. After all, most offer free trial to allow potential users to have a taste of them before deciding to pay or not to pay.

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It seems the FTC number is 1-888-HELP-FTC; the sex-line number has an 800 prefix. "We have a huge display of that." Although he had nothing to do with it, Ochocinco apologized for the error, then joked (via Joe Reedy of the Enquirer): "Remember, this was made in Pittsburgh.

Something isn't right." Later, he tweeted: "Awe man im bummed about the cereal number mixup on the cereal, trying to do good and got messed up, of all numbers why that one!!!

Here are top 10 hottest phone sex lines that you should choose try.

Masturline‘s name suggests a lot about the tone of the service, and it’s an excellent way to get off over the phone.

Her ad promises to tell you the "real story" of her encounter.

This isn't just your standard phone sex line, it's one that's angled specifically at the fantasy of two bored female roommates who want to talk dirty to you. "What makes people all over America break down and cry like this? Probably you look at your phone bill after calling this.

Sorry" PBL Sports of, yes, Pittsburgh had no immediate comment.

Portis goes boom Clinton Portis falling down Photoshop = magic.

Sadly, after testing them out, these numbers are no longer in service. They'd always have a warning telling kids to ask their parents' permission before calling, but their profits must've all come from furtive dialing from kids who didn't realize it would show up on their phone bill.

Back before you could listen to him complain about having sex on a full stomach in his sex tape, you could pay to listen to him tell you cool Hulk things.

Like so many ideas having to do with Chad Ochocinco, this one was awesome: A vanity cereal with info and a phone number for contributions to Feed The Children on it.