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Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, we were aggressively reminded about our sexuality, about our ‘other’ status. As two girls with ‘alternative’ hair styles, dressed in jeans and t-shirts and sitting so closely we got a few stares – nothing unusual about that.Hot or Not eventually evolved into a matchmaking site, one that falls somewhere between Ok Cupid and Adult Friend Finder on the yardstick of creepiness.

That leaves her coworker, a mousy young conservative named Robyn (Jacklyn Collier), to take the reigns alongside her hunky assistant, Stefan (Michael Milton). The Galleria's cabaret style is a prime venue for this type of production. Collier gives Robyn a spunky personality that she evolves with a sexy awkwardness.The author, flamboyantly based on the book's original writer Anderson (Grant Mac Dermott), quickly claims bestie status with Robyn, using the forum as a way to get her out of her shell..ultimately into Stefan's pants. I want to hang out with Mac Dermott's Anderson because he's witty and smart and hilarious.Jawed Karim, who cofounded You Tube and designed much of Pay Pal, has said that Hot or Not was so monumental because “anyone could upload content that everyone else could view.That was a new concept because up until that point, it was always the people who owned the website who would provide the content.” It probably didn’t hurt that most of these developers were teenage boys when Hot or Not launched, placing them firmly in the site’s target demo.I was in an East London boozer a couple of Saturdays ago, enjoying the sort of weekend thousands of people do on a routine basis. Six heterosexual women individually approached us to ask awkward questions such as: ‘How long have you been together?

It was busy, the pints were flowing and the chairs were in short demand. ’ (we’re not, but cheers for highlighting that) and: ‘Where did you meet? What began with one woman saying we looked like a great couple, lead to another saying we were ‘very striking girls’ and another saying how ‘rare’ it was to see two ‘masculine lesbians’ together.Though 2016 has basically sucked for the most part, people are becoming much more accepting of all sorts of sexualities and genders, which is pretty damn awesome.However, there's one kind of sexual identity that might have been overlooked: straight men in rural areas who have sex with other men, but don't identify as gay.Turns out, the participants all perceived their sexual relations to be more of a courtesy to other guys, essentially relieving their urges and just aiding a friend in a way to get off without developing any deep feelings or emotional connections.Because of this, these men were able to find “normalcy” in their sexual interactions with men and not deem them homosexual at all.‘Bud-sex' captures these interpretations, as well as how the participants had sex and with whom they partnered.Is this sort of over-domineering acceptance actually accepting? And by this sort of aggressive acceptance are they actually reversing homophobia or actively encouraging it?