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The state must be either Acceptable, Intermediate or Invalid -- see the QValidator documentation for a full description.The screenshots below show a When the user submits a form a small function can be run to check that each input is valid.The simplest way to define your error message is to use the string (as in this example) but you can also used localized error messages by specifying either a resource type and resource name or a lambda expression. To use the new custom validator you can call Set Validator when defining a validation rule.


By changing the echo Mode() of a line edit, it can also be used as a "write-only" field, for inputs such as passwords.

The length of the text can be constrained to max Length().

When editing is finished, either because the line edit lost focus or Return/Enter is pressed the editing Finished() signal is emitted.

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The first is to create a custom property validator, the second is to make use of the Custom method on Abstract Validator.

To write a custom property validator you will need to inherit from the abstract Property Validator class.The text can be arbitrarily constrained using a validator() or an input Mask(), or both.When switching between a validator and an input mask on the same line edit, it is best to clear the validator or input mask to prevent undefined behavior.*/ Validating(false); /* This should be the default, but let's be safe and try and disable it.* We also have to cater for older XML parsers that do not support this.For example, imagine you want to create a validator that ensures that a list has fewer than 10 items.