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We are all human and imperfect.” “Always put your feelings and yourself first.You can never really contribute to anyone else if you are not secure in who you are.” “To date absolutely every chance you get. Meet new people, go out, explore new things but maintain two important rules: No.

Some economies are shrinking, and career paths include twists and turns.Stepfamilies, single parent families, cohabiting partners, and multigenerational households may outnumber nuclear families.You don’t want to intertwine your spirit with everybody.I would also say, don’t hold grudges over mistakes made by people.Here are some thoughts from Charlotte notables who give advice to their younger selves about dating. Smith said her younger self looked for arrogant men, when in reality those were never the nice guys. Looks are not like wine—they do not age well.” She would also say: “Don’t supplement a man to make you feel smart.

She would tell her younger self: “Don’t go for the superficial. It’s important for you to show your [own] intelligence.

And if I couldn’t find anyone to see a movie with me, well, I’d just wait until it came out on video.

I think that the fact that I was a serial dater from 15 until 28 didn’t really help this.

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I felt like, if I had a boyfriend, that meant I shouldn’t do things by myself.