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My take is the Daley administration knew this information needed to get out there ASAP to help stave off that potential controversy but they didn’t exactly want a lot of people to notice.Of course, if Huberman had come out publicly a long time ago, this wouldn’t be an issue right now.

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A large number of students from Whitney Young Magnet High School in Chicago who participated in the May 5, 2010 walkout and protest against the cuts facing Chicago schools have been ordered to participate in detention as a result of their actions.

The pressure for the penalties against students who participated in the walkout came from the top of CPS, with Ron Huberman's office contacting schools and principals on the day of the walkout.

The central office responded by calling me downtown for my own special budget briefing, where four officials—operations manager Jerome Goudelock, chief human capital officer Alicia Winckler, CFO Diana Ferguson, and district spokeswoman Monique Bond—sat me in a room and assured me that what I'd discovered in the budget weren't "raises" even though salaries had increased—a distinction I still don't quite understand.

More important, they said, I shouldn't look for that kind of information in the budget—even though it's supposed to govern the district's spending.

The union for CTA rail workers sent a cold shudder through the city last week by announcing that they had taken a preliminary strike vote, with 98 percent of those who cast a ballot saying they'd walk off the job if necessary.

The CTA said a strike would be illegal under the collective bargaining agreement and Illinois law.

It makes me in tune to individuals, groups and others who are not fitting in and may need extra support.” The article also addresses the potential for controversy surrounding a gay Chicago Public Schools CEO, as Huberman was just named by Chicago Mayor Daley after the mayor yanked him away from the Chicago Transit Authority presidency, and whether–or not–Huberman supports the idea for a gay city high school.

Of course, as any media strategist will tell you, any major article like this would only appear in a Saturday paper for one reason and one reason only: an attempt to soft-shoe or bury a story.

It irked me that a city so rich it could afford to shower subsidies on profitable corporations such as United Airlines and Miller Coors to the tune of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars couldn't afford to let sophomores play. After spending hours plowing through the 350-page 2009-2010 CPS budget, I discovered that contrary to cutting wages at the central office, Huberman and the board had given raises to scores of top bureaucrats.

The story I wrote about it April 1 was widely circulated among angry teachers and students.

Get Chrome Huberman started his career in city government as a Chicago Police Officer and has led four departments including the Office of Emergency Management and Communications, Mayor’s Office, Chicago Transit Authority and Chicago Public Schools.“I will always be grateful for the opportunity to have served this city and Mayor Daley as its leader.