Rockstar social club not updating red dead redemption

I will be editing this guide to make the formatting better but to the best of my knowledge this guide is accurate and complete.

I completed the game to 100% on Nov 1st, 2013-- I used my social club page as the primary source for this guide.

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I have a "problem" I changed the protagonists main vehicles license plates using the i Fruit app, but when I edit it back to what it was with the save editor *eg, BETTY 32 for Trevor* it doesn't save... After change any license plate with the i Fruit app you cannot customize them using the editor, because once you connect to online your license plate will re-sync back to what you changed it to using the i Fruit app. -Option to set tires to bulletproof is reseted upon saving with your editor. -Option to complete all missions and side mission targets don't work.It says values will be set after saving but nothing happens.Many of the missions can be done before or after I did them so your mission order may vary.For all the NON- Story missions-- there is a common misconception that you can complete any of the Strangers and Freaks, Misc, Hobbies & Pastimes, etc...This page contains the known cheat codes, exploits and secrets that can be found in Red Dead Redemption.

These codes and exploits work on all versions of the game, including the backwards compatible version on Xbox One.Spuds A 4 page PDF of the Checklist printed from Microsoft Excel (nicer layout) https://dl.dropboxus...t [ ] 5 Chop [ ] 6 Father/Son [ ] 7 Marriage Counselling [ ] 8 Daddy’s Little Girl [ ] 9 The Long Stretch [ ] 10 Friend Request [ ] 11 Casing the Jewel Store (at end of this Mission you must choose how you will complete Jewel Store Job-- Smart or Loud) [ ] 12 Bugstars Equipment OR Carbine Rifles BZ Gas Grenades *** [ ] 13 The Jewel Store Job- Smart OR The Jewel Store Job- Loud [ ] 14 Mr.Phillips [ ] 15 Nervous Ron [ ] 16 Trevor Phillips Industries [ ] 17 Crystal Maze [ ] 18 Friends Reunited [ ] 19 Fame or Shame [ ] 20 Dead Man Walking [ ] 21 Did somebody say yoga?I think it may have something to do with Bug 17273. Also I would make sure if you do install social club in the wrong version by accident you just start over with a fresh installation steam/new wine, as the registry data does not clean up when you try to un-install social club.I downloaded the latest versions BEFORE I installed steam or GTAV, to reproduce my results I recommend downloading all three of these full packages from Using steam, install the game as you normally would, but do not do the first run until later. See: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Uninstall\Rockstar Games Social Club HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Rockstar Games\Rockstar Games Social Club HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\Mui Cache\C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games\Social Club\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Uninstall\Rockstar Games Social Club\Display Name C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games\Social Club\C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games\Social Club\cef_100_C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games\Social Club\cef_200_C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games\Social Club\d3dcompiler_43Patched the game with fix mentioned here Copy and pasted all dll files in GTA folder to system32 including and from the xlib patch to patch the Xlive DLL in order to avoid the Games for Windows - Live.I looked over a mission list on IGN and also consulted some youtube videos to clarify which missions are the planning missions for heists (i.e.