Rihanna and chris brown are they still dating

have had a tumultuous breakup in February 2009 when Breezy left her bruised and bloody after a heated altercation over a woman who sent him a text message that night.

He admitted that he did hit her and punched her by his closed fist when she threw his phone and started kicking him.

The songstress was very badly injured, but thankfully, she has made a full recovery; Brown was charged with assault but did no time.

She has confessed on Rihanna reflected on her life and the time spent with her ex-love Chris Brown.

Even with the public scrutiny and judgment calls from strangers Rihanna said to Oprah that “I think he was the love of my life.

“They’ve totally been talking again,” a source confirms to Hollywood Life. The smallest thing can put them right to where they started.” Friends fear that from the point they're at now, it's only a matter of time before Chris and Rihanna are back to engaging in their favorite activity: Hotel sex!

“It started out on social media, and then progressed to texting." And as it often does with exes, the texting developed into sexting: "They swore to keep things platonic — yeah right," says the insider. “Soon they’ll be meeting up in hotel rooms,” the source continues, knowingly adding, “They always loved hooking up in hotel rooms.” Always.

With all of the ups and down, turmoil and the roller coaster rides that Rihanna and Chris Brown have been through this only confirms that they can’t stay away from each other.

When I heard this not so surprising revelation, Whitney’s song came to mind.I bet many readers said “awwww” when they read that Chris Brown sent Rihanna, and her mom, flowers for Valentine’s Day.Well, don’t smile to big because Chris Brown’s response to said rumor was shut down and simple… Apparently, Chris Brown seems to be taking our advice and actually moving on with his life.Three years after their tumultuous and violent break-up, it looks like these two are getting back together. It looks as though Chris Brown began following Rihanna on Instagram Sunday, and in that short time, a flood of allegations and reports of flirtation have surfaced regarding the former couple. The two have been cordial on the matter in subsequent years, but now, its obvious that the “Work” singer still has some feelings for her one-time hubby.(Thy Black Man.com) At some point one must ask themselves why are we still even thinking about Chris Brown and Rihanna.