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This is a preliminary application for mid-term and long-term missionaries.

Filling out this application is the first step in the process of being appointed to serve with TLI.

You are My friends if you do whatever I command you” (John -14).

In this essay we will follow this couple as they travel for the Lord after they had come to faith in the Lord Jesus as their Messiah.

You can also print or save this form as a PDF file for offline reference, and then return later to complete the online version.

* The New Freshman Priority Deadline for Spring and Fall is December 1st. The deadline for former students and transfer students (24 semester/36 quarter hours or more complete by the application deadline) is Feb 1st.

Nevertheless, as will be seen later, according to the present discipline of the Church, a delegate, inasmuch as he is sent to represent the Holy See in some particular country, really fills the office of a legate.

Since the jurisdiction of a legate is ordinary, he does not cease to be legate even at the death of the pope who appointed him, and even if he arrived at his post after the death of that pope.Our city comes together in times of crisis, and we urge you to reach out to friends and neighbors, especially seniors and those who are vulnerable at this time.This is a time to display God's love toward others. If you have boats, extra gasoline or other ways to help, please make your equipment and supplies available to first responders who rescue those in need.Thank you for your interest in being sent by Training Leaders International.We are eager to see whom the Lord calls to help provide theological education to the nations.Hence the legate differs from the delegate, taking this term in a strictly juridical sense, since the delegate is one to whom the pope entrusts an affair or many affairs to be treated through delegated jurisdiction and often in questions of litigation, whereas the legate goes with ordinary jurisdiction over a whole country or nation.