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The sheer concept of seeing one of my mates with an ex is something that’d affect me for a number of reasons.

Okay, so imagine your BFF just got out of a relationship with a super hot, great guy. No matter who dumped who, it’s a sensitive situation… If you’re willing to date your friend’s ex, then you’re probably not really friend’s with this “friend” of yours. No matter how much you like your friend’s Ex, you can always find someone else you like just as much – after all they broke up for a reason.

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'” Ask yourself Are you drawn to the excitement of plucking forbidden fruit?

Or is there an authentic connection that you can see going the distance?

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“That sounds so ominous, but your day-to-day dynamic and the context of what you share with each other will be different,” says dating expert Natasha Burton, co-author of The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags.

“I'd caution women to take stock of their friendship and ask 'Is this guy really worth it?

Grill yourself about what the attraction really is Dating a friend's ex-boyfriend isn't just playing with fire -- it's a bomb that can implode your whole social circle.

Your friendship may not survive, and if it does, it will never be the same.

If you can distinguish between the two and it’s nothing more than an urge for a wild boot-knocking, then stop right there because it’s definitely not worth it.