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1, Series of 2001 (Implementing Rules and Regulations, Republic Act No. Authority to Correct Clerical or Typographical Error The duly appointed C/MCR in accordance with the provisions of the existing laws, including the Consul General, are hereby authorized to correct clerical or typographical errors in the day and month (date of birth) or sex of a person in the civil register for birth. Definition of Terms As used in these rules, the following terms shall mean: 2.1. A person is considered to have direct and personal interest when he is the owner of the record, or the owner's spouse, children, parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, guardian, or any other person duly authorized by law or by the owner of the document sought to be corrected; Provided; however, that when a person is a minor or physically or mentally incapacitated, the petition may be filed on his/her behalf by his/her spouse, or any of his/her children, parents, brothers; sisters; grandparents, guardians, or persons duly authorized by law. For correction of a clerical or typographical error in sex: The petitioner affected by such error shall personally file the petition with the civil registry office where the birth certificate is registered. The verified petition may be filed with the C/MCR of the city or municipality or the Philippine Consulate, as the case may be, where the birth record containing the day and/or month in the date of birth to be corrected is registered. Duties of the C/MCR Insofar as applicable, Rule 10 of Administrative Order No. In addition, the C/MCR shall issue a certification on the authenticity of the certification issued by the accredited government physician certifying that the petitioner/document owner has not undergone sex change or sex transplant. Duties and powers of the CRG Insofar as applicable, Rule 11 of Administrative Order No. An indigent petitioner shall be exempt from paying the required payment, provided that the petition is supported by a certification from the City/Municipal Social Welfare Office that the petitioner/document owner is indigent.

The Supreme Court delayed implementation of the law in March 2013 in response to challenges. Opposing the bill, Former Finance Secretary Roberto de Ocampo wrote that it is "truly disingenuous for anyone to proceed on the premise that the poor are to blame for the nation’s poverty:.On April 3,2014, the Court ruled that the law was "not unconstitutional" but struck down eight provisions partially or in full. He emphasized that the government should apply the principle of first things first and focus on the root causes of the poverty (e.g., poor governance, corruption) and apply many other alternatives to solve the problem (e.g., giving up pork barrel, raising tax collection efficiency). Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner. Republic of the Philippines OFFICE OF THE CIVIL REGISTRAR GENERAL National Statistics Office Manila ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NO.Any person whose birth record was reported abroad and presently residing in the Philippines, the petition may be filed with the C/MCR of the place of residence following the procedures of migrant petition. Form and content of the petition Insofar as applicable, Rule 8 of Administrative Order No. In addition, as supporting documents to the petition, the following shall be submitted: 6.1. In case of correction of sex, the petition shall be supported with a medical certification issued by an accredited government physician that the petitioner has not undergone sex change or sex transplant. In the case of a migrant petition, there shall be a service fee of one thousand pesos (P1,000.00) to be collected by the PRCR. All fees collected by the C/MCR or the consul general pursuant to this Law shall accrue to the funds of the Local Civil Registry Office concerned or the Office of the Consul General for modernization of the office and hiring of new personnel and procurement of supplies, subject to government accounting and auditing rules. This Order shall take effect fifteen (15) days after its publication in the Official Gazette or in at least two newspapers of general circulation.

Any person whose birth record was registered in the Philippines, or in any Philippine Consulate, but who is presently residing or domiciled in a foreign country, may file the petition with the nearest Philippine Consulate. For correction of clerical and typographical error in the entry of sex The verified petition shall be filed, in person, with the C/MCR of the city or municipality or the Philippine Consulate, as the case may be, where the record containing the entry of sex in the birth certificate to be corrected is registered. Processing of the petition Insofar as applicable, Rule 5 of Administrative Order No. Earliest school record or earliest school documents; 6.2. Baptismal certificate and other documents issued by religious authorities; 6.4. When a petitioner/document owner files petition for correction of clerical error under R. 9048, simultaneously, with a petition for correction of clerical error under R. 10172, and the same document is involved, the petitioner/document owner shall pay only the amount of P3,000.00 corresponding to the fee under R. The local legislative body shall ratify the fees herein prescribed upon effectivity of this Order. All circulars, memoranda, rules and regulations or parts thereof inconsistent with the provisions of this Order are hereby repealed or modified accordingly.

It covers courtship strategies for attracting partners for physical and emotional intimacy, sexual contact, sexual reproduction, building a family, and other forms of individual interactions or interpersonal relationships, as set and dictated by their culture and tradition, religion, beliefs, values and moral convictions, psychology, foreign influences, and other related factors.

Filipino sexuality is affected by education received by Filipinos from schools, the media, the rise of the internet, religious teachings from their churches or other similar spiritual institutions, legal policies and laws, and the influence of urbanization or urbanized regions in the Philippines.

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Thus, the Population Commission was created to push for a lower family size norm and provide information and services to lower fertility rates. leadership to "influence national leaders" and that "improved world-wide support for population-related efforts should be sought through increased emphasis on mass media and other population education and motivation programs by the UN, USIA, and USAID. These preventable deaths could have been avoided if more Filipino women have access to reproductive health information and healthcare".