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Stephanie was a statuesque young woman with hazel eyes and dark brown hair.The length of her hair changed during the seasons from being long in seasons three and four to being really short in season five.Stephanie's actress, Alexandra Paul, was a slim woman as she began in season three.

Latin School of Chicago is a selective private elementary, middle, and high school located in the Gold Coast neighborhood on the Near North side of Chicago, Illinois, United States.The school was founded in 1888 by Mabel Slade Vickery and is the oldest independent day school in Chicago.The school is a member of the Independent School League Latin School of Chicago is the oldest independent day school in the city of Chicago.Latin School was formed in 1888 by a group of parents seeking a better education for their children.The schools merged in 1953 to form the co-educational Latin School of Chicago.

The school was designed to provide students with a rigorous college-preparatory education in the classical tradition, with a curriculum that was heavily influenced by Classical studies and the study of the Greek and Latin languages, hence the name “Latin School." The Latin language is still taught in the middle and upper schools today.Her hair color also changed, ranging from light brown to dark brown and almost black.When Stephanie was introduced in season three as a new Baywatch administrative commander she was a fit albeit slender woman more suited for desk jobs than actual rescues.The rapper just picked up a baller Goyard pendant and 14 karat white gold chain with 60…READ MORE If Tyga's new mystery girl looks familiar, it's not just because she's a Kylie look-alike -- she also used to date Justin Bieber. I laughed because I do not have a big scar on my chest. Said he was financially stable and just looking for a good and faithful wife. I think he finally figured I was on to him when he told me he was being deployed to West Africa in the morning. These men are scum and regardless of how alone you feel you can do so much better!