Outlook unread mail folder not updating

You can ask your admin person to turn it off, but I think it's on for a reason.

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Then when it shows, "Find More on Server" link, click it. Make sure you click on it if it doesn't automatically switch to read.

Click the "X" in the search box to clear the "read:no" search -- it does not work if you do any other operation, including clicking on another box, at this point! I found this usually happened when someone on your network sent a message, then UN-sent it.

As mail comes in throughout the day, do you read one here and another there?

Do you leave a few for later, read some again, save the newsletter for after lunch, save the same newsletter again for tomorrow, and...

If it didn't work that way, people could become confused because items that have been marked as read, but are not actually gone, would "disappear." To make items disappear after they're read, you can apply the Unread Messages in This Folder view to the search folder by clicking View, Arrange By, Current View, Unread Messages in This Folder.

The Unread Messages view shows only items that are marked as unread. Hot Scripts offers tens of thousands of scripts you can use. d Bforums offers community insight on everything from ASP to Oracle, and get the latest news from Data Center Knowledge.

Cindy "Kolin Tregaskes" wrote: Hi Kolin, I seemed to have the same problem as well and despite pressing the F5 key numerous times, or starting and closing out Outlook, deleting and recreating the search folder the Unread Mail search folder still displayed messages that are already read. However, the workaround I've been using is to mark the message as read and then mark it as unread, and hit F5 right afterwards.

Cindy "Kolin Tregaskes" wrote: I occasionally (rarely) get messages that never go away from the "Unread Mail" search folder.

Please read the below article in detail to know more about what unread folder is and its importance in Outlook.

Unread folder in an outlook serves as a folder which keeps all the email items which have not been read by the user.

They don't show as unread (bold), but they should be hidden all together.