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Yes, but unfortunately if you do end up deciding that you aren’t LGBTQIA then we may ask you to leave. I don’t have a traditional view on romance, mostly because I’ve never been in a real relationship, but I am looking for someone who I can be more than just platonic friends with.

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For Otherkin, it will be the biggest gig of their career to date, a massive elevation for a band who have yet to release their debut album, yet are accruing a growing fan base here and in the UK thanks to a decent gig schedule and raucous live shows.

This is a blog designed to help the lonely LGBTQIA youth of tumblr to find their ideal datemate, girlfriend, boyfriend, or queer platonic partner. Now if you are cishet and you are looking for a possible trans datemate who is most likely transsexual, then you are free to browse any that we have. Some bands I like are The Front Bottoms, Hozier, and Mayday Parade. Feel free to message me on my blog (fabulouscutie)!

You're spending a Friday night by yourself watching Netflix. Not right now, because you're sitting on the side of the highway crying over a song about butts, but in time.5. If people are talking to you, that means they can't be using their mouths to drink alcohol.8.

When you see your ex is in a new relationship on Facebook. You will forget about this by lunchtime next Wednesday.9. Half-full of potential, awkward dates with dudes who proudly display anime wall scrolls in their room, or women who are really, really, into knitting sweaters for their cats.10. It's like time is moving so quickly and you're almost 30. You're sick and do you have anyone to take care of you? What if this is what it's like when you're in a nursing home?!

The tour has bulldozed across North America, South America, Mexico, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and Thailand, and after Slane, the show rolls on through Europe.

Besides playing to rock god-sized crowds, (more than 130,000 in Mexico City, 110,000 in Buenos Aires, and there will be 80,000 at Slane) the tour is also notable for bringing the core of Guns N’ Roses back together: Slash, Axl Rose and bassist Duff Mc Kagan.

Back in LA, I was dating a porno chick as well as this sweet little junkie jailbait girlfriend I had…” Those are some of Slash’s memories from 30 years ago, when Guns N’ Roses embarked on their tour, which feature in his epic 2007 autobiography.

No doubt things have calmed down a good deal for the iconic rock band, but what remains just as sensational as their 1980s antics is their back catalogue.

It’s like a teeny tiny website in your hand providing a great listening experience, content to read on the go and the ability to contact your favourite shows live on air.

The most recently formed acts to have headlined Slane in the last decade are Oasis and Eminem, which says it all in terms of the paucity of suitable bands to pull off Ireland's biggest show.

The proposal was instantly welcomed by online social justice warriors such as the cartoonist Andrew Dobson. The site’s various identities include otherkin (people who believe they are animals born in human bodies), transethnics (proto-Rachel Dolezals who believe they were born the wrong skin colour) and the “headmate community” (people who have imaginary alternate personalities and believe that anyone who doubts their existence is oppressive).