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We don’t require you to have studied specific subjects at school; the best preparation is for you to explore for yourself what interests you in the culture you choose to study (see the Faculty website for suggestions).Our course is flexible and numerous options and combinations are available.

Where appropriate, the website points you to connected sites at the University of Cambridge which might be of interest to scholars of South and Southeast Asia.

Click here for a spectacular visual overview of our current exhibition The Centre is open Monday-Friday, from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm, but will be CLOSED all day on Bank Holiday Monday, 28th August.

There are two live webcams from the heart of the colony.

On the webcams you will be able to see Puffins, different species of Gull and the odd rabbit or two hopping about Noahs Ark Zoo Farm, Bristol Noah's Ark Zoo Farms' Tapir Cam is on 24 hours a day offering live streaming of our Lowland Tapirs; Toby and Tara; so you can watch them any time of the day.

The Centre of South Asian Studies is a renowned cross-disciplinary research centre open to students and scholars from across the University and to researchers from around the world.

Information about the work of the Centre, its singular library and unique archive collections, research seminars, conferences, exhibitions and other events at the Centre are available on this website.

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In addition to our ice cream, we offer this icy dessert/drink, now becoming popular here in Florida – the Bobba Tea/Bubble Tea Shake – more like a fruit shake but with tapioca pearls, it comes in flavors like taro, lychee, papaya, almond, coconut, green tea, mocha, pineapple.

We have people from California, Hawaii and New York visiting us who are familiar with this icy cool treat.

You don’t need any prior knowledge of Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese or Persian to study them here but you do need imagination, perseverance, curiosity and a sense of adventure.