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It’s as if a natural disaster has swept through one seven-hectare portion of northern France.

Trodden into the endless stretch of sludge are toothbrushes, upturned chairs, sodden mattresses, magazines, blankets, single shoes, a chubby-cheeked doll.

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Here’s the thing: the Internet is still the wild frontier.And it’s so huge nobody’s quite sure how to police it.Smoke spirals up into the crisp Calais sunshine from a row of charred black huts.Fire whisks across what remains of the structures in the distance.Not yet convinced by the lure of a post-apocalyptic Tokyo where pomeranians fight lions?

The Gamescom trailer below includes baby chicks versus dinosaurs, raccoons in hard hats and a couple of pandas getting friendly.

UPDATE: Sony has updated the EU Play Station blog confirming the information Eurogamer reported this morning - that Tokyo Jungle will launch in the West as a download-only game on 26th September. ORIGINAL STORY: Really wild survival game Tokyo Jungle has been given a Western release date of Wednesday 26th September.

That's according to the description of the title on Sony's official You Tube channel.

In any other show Rodrigo's proclivities for huge hair and hallucinogenic drugs would have been a surprise.

The refusal to stoke fires results in a weirdly even but strangely charming tone.

Perhaps this is more like a warzone than the aftermath of an earthquake.