Sex chatbot New dating of nativity and crucifixion

Calendars from the Exile to the First Century BCE 29, I.

The Exile Calendar - Sixth to Fifth Century BCE 29, II.

The Babylonian Calendar - Seventh Century BCE 24, VIII.

The question seems to have an obvious answer since our dating system is based on the idea that Jesus was born between the eras we call B. There are many puzzling details about the birth of Jesus, including the season, the year, the Star of Bethlehem, and the census of Augustus. Assuming Jesus was an historical figure, the Star of Bethlehem is one of the main tools used to calculate when he was born.This calendar was in use at the Temple in Jerusalem when Jesus taught. The Flood Calendar - Twenty-fifth Century BCE 10, IV. Reckoning by this calendar leads to the conclusion that Jesus was born about Dec 25, 5 BC (Hanukah) and was crucified on Friday, April 7, 30 AD after a ministry of 2 years and about 3 months. The Exodus Calendar - Thirteenth to Sixteenth Century BCE 14, V. C., although the birth could be several years later or possibly earlier.

The Star of Bethlehem could be the bright celestial phenomenon shown in planetariums: 2 planets in conjunction, although the Gospel account of Matthew refers to a single star, not a conjunction.

With the writings of contemporary historians, coins, Chinese astrological records, and Jewish customs it is possible to place the conception of Jesus in March of 5 BCE.

This was possibly the traditional date of March 25.

I'll skip that tangent for now and save it for a separate post in December.) Modern scholars have attempted to determine the date of the Crucifixion by reconstructing the Jewish lunar calendar for the range of years in which Christ might have died.

Following Luke 3:1-2, which places the beginning of Christ's ministry with respect to the reigns of Tiberius Caesar, Pontius Pilate, Herod Antipas, Philip, and Lysanias, the range of plausible years can be narrowed to 34, which restricts the range further.

Counting forward, this implies that the Crucifixion occurred on the 23rd, and the Resurrection occurred on the 25th.