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Dave is a totally cool guy."I specialize in the air-cooled twins and singles 55-95, but include all BMW models in my experience. He is reliable, flexible,very knowledgeable and his pricing is fair.""Greg is an extremely experienced and well-known BMW mechanic and advocate in Northern California.

I offer machine shop and welding services, painting, new and used genuine BMW parts, and complete restoration of all models, as well as tune-up, tires, and general service.(250) 549-3666 David [email protected] am-pm (in reality the hours read something like the "joke" on my wall, somedays starting as early as am, and sometimes not getting out of there until or or pm...)We have worked on BMWs for 25 years; we're well-known and patronised by local riders. I've known him for more than 20 years, and his skills and advice are reliable and based on decades of ownership and working on a wide variety of beemers."We are an authorized Siebenrock distributor/dealer.

The table is listed by state, province or, for those outside of the U. If your favorite wrench is not listed, send me the information and I will add them to the directory.

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Many of Honda's early motorcycle Model Names began with "CB", which has been theorised to refer to "City Bike", and it is almost obvious that "VF" refers to "Vee Four", but the fact is that Honda has generally never conistently explained the nomenclature it uses for its motorcycles.Honda also generally includes Model Year codes (see below) when referring to particular motorcycle models by Model Name.Kawasaki's Ninja 1000 faces a direct rival in 2016 from Suzuki's new GSX-S1000F.We were eager to test these two do-it-all street-friendly liter-bikes head-to-head where their similarities and differences were revealed on the open road.The following are independent BMW motorcycle mechanics that have been recommended by others or listed by themselves.

Comments in quotes come from people who do not work at these shops. Comments in quotes are from list members, otherwise the comments are what the shop owner says about themselves.

This is also the standard way of referring to Model Years—outside of the USA, where people usually mention the calendar year corresponding to the Model Year, e.g., "1990 VFR750F", as opposed to "VFR750FL".

Another American Honda anomaly is their way of referring to California-spec models.

Note that certain sources (e.g., American Honda Motor Co., Inc.) are apparently not very concerned with Honda practices outside of their particular region, so information attributable to them may relate only to their own practices, and not necessarily to those of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. The Model Name is also known as the "Model Designation"; it is the official Honda name for a particular model.

Model Names usually contain some reference to engine displacement, but not always (and not always an accurate one, e.g., the VFR800Fi has always had a 781cc engine).

Horsepower is king and the goal of the 250F class is to produce as much of it as possible.