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Part of the challenge is decoding and navigating the emerging social rules of text, online dating and social media to help them achieve fulfilling relationships.I recently spoke with Tech Crunch journalist Sara Buhr, who was investigating dating trends among people immersed in the tech industry.

It's that easy and comes with the excellent chance that you can find happiness.

Rowan Pelling, a relationship expert and journalist, suggested that online dating was a great way to "cut to the chase".

Casual, easy and non-threatening, text messaging is upending today’s dating culture.

The cellphone is the gateway: swiftly and radically changing the way people interact, meet and move forward (or not) in a relationship.

While many people may feel it is hard to meet someone new, enhanced technology and Mobile dating - means it is easier that ever to find that special someone - all you need is a phone and you're away. Just register your details and fill out your profile get in touch with new and interesting individuals.

Once you're set up, you can receive texts from people wanting to get to know you better and find common interests.

Some of the questioned she asked of me were: How are the norms and expectations different?

Are young men in tech less likely to follow traditional social rules of dating?

The new virtual reality for dating is going mobile.

Text messaging technology is changing the dating landscape for couples and singles alike.

Thanks to the newest text messaging technology, mobile phones are becoming the medium of choice for sending love letters.