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Many of the cultures went on to mature into civilizations; many of which have been credited with advancements and inventions in mathematics, architecture, medicine, astronomy, and more.

Ruins and remains of many of these Mesoamerican civilizations can still be seen throughout Mexico, and offer insight into ancient times.

For second-generation Mexican-Americans living in these border communities, this "hybrid" culture causes many questions of identification to arise.

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Western Experience Walk in the footsteps of Wyatt Earp, Pancho Villa, and Cochise. Missions & Churches Experience the beauty of sacred places dating back hundreds of years.Military History From Native American warriors and Spanish conquistadors to the U. Our Rich Past Unpack centuries of Native American clashes, Spanish colonization, Arizona's mining boom, and more.Listed below are some of the ancient Mexican cultures that advanced into Mesoamerican civilizations.Olmec – The Olmec were the first large civilization in Mexico following the development of Soconusco, a region in southwest Chiapas state.However, because this mixing of language occurs on a local level there are many varieties in language as one moves along the border emphasizing the uniqueness of each border community due its culture being constructed and redefined on a local level to meet local needs.

The emergence of this mixed language also serves to reaffirm the notion of Borderland Culture as those who subscribe to it are neither accepted into American Culture nor accepted into Mexican Culture.Mexican culture has left an indelible mark on San Diego, the cradle of the Golden State.The influence continues because of the city’s large Hispanic population and proximity to the Mexican border.San Diego’s Mexican culture is evident in the city’s cuisine, historic architecture and celebrations as well as its thriving art, music and theater scene.The spirit of the city’s Hispanic heritage is also on display in its ethnic neighborhoods.Despite these national boundaries, citizens of both Mexico and the United States constantly travel back and forth; many dual citizen make the investment of attaining a SENTRI pass, a legal document respected by both countries allowing for easier crossing of the border.