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Life is an Adventure, but is better shared with friends by your side... I've been living in Canada for several years now and I'm getting my Canadian citizenship next month. I am a loving, caring, honest, open, funny, compassionate, affectionate woman. i like to conversate as long as i have an opinion on the subject... Not shy in anyway, I'm very open minded and spiritual. Anytime there is I would consider myself a successful business woman with a career in property management that I truly love!

I'm very honest, fun loving, down to earth, easy going, very romantic and a caring person. I'm married but my husband and I didn't have normal relationship for years. I love to have fun, joke around, get crazy, laugh lots and flirt. I treat others as I wish to i´m really shy untill you show interest then... i Hey, I´m Jill, a young vibrant feminist with a passion for controversy and being part of the LGBT* community. I never really make plans, unless I am off work that day More into music than television, ummmm, I see something funny in everything. My weekends are usually watching tv shows and relaxing. Don't know people here, don't like going out much, don't eat broccoli. I grew up on a farm with horses so I'm a country girl at heart and know I love working out and playing sports. I have many interests which include a passion for renovations/design, landscaping and most sports (watching and playing). I'm usually at home playing games, studying or being boring in general, and I want to change that.

Looking to build a relationship with someone for conversation & coffee also for dining out.

When Martin Dumas signed up for the dating site, he had no idea he would also be signed up for Senior Dating Canada.

Dumas is not the only Global Personals customer who got more exposure than they bargained for.

CBC News found others who were surprised to learn their profiles were on several of the company’s dating sites.

All of the sites belong to Global Personals, a company based in England.

Its website boasts more than 13,000 internet dating sites around the globe and at least 30 million customers. I got lost in God's Word along the way." I've seen a lot of people post their "personality type" so I took the test and was given INTP. Former youth pastor, camp c Hello, My name is Sergio D and I'm friendly guy. I love to laugh and to be able to put a smile on someone's face. Cheesy Christian pickup line, "Sorry it took me so long to find you. Putting together news stories and interviews with different leagues in Manitoba, so someone who enjoys sports is a bonus! So someone who works out or at least understands the effort it takes would be great. I guess I'd have to say I'm a very out going person.I tend to be fairly extroverted, but there are times when I need my quiet time. I consider myself to be mainstreamed with a mix of alternative.I´d appreciate the same sort of look/lifestyle in another person.