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The majority of gender confirmation surgery ops are to help men change into women.In addition to surgery, transsexuals can also get psychotherapy and hormone replacement therapy on the NHS.Sex changes on the NHS became a right in July 1999 after the Appeal Court ruled that those who believed they were born into the wrong body were suffering from a legitimate illness.

United Nations peacekeepers working in some of the world’s most troubled countries routinely trade money and resources for sex with desperate women and children, a draft report compiled by its internal watchdog suggests.The UN Office of Internal Oversight Services said it received 480 reports of sexual exploitation and abuse between 20, with the majority of cases reported in Liberia, Haiti, the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan.Parents have been warned about a smartphone app that is being used by teenagers to ‘swap naked pictures of themselves’.Schoolchildren have allegedly been sending x-rated posts to both strangers and friends on the ‘Yellow’ app.‘Only now I realise that made me even more unhappy.

Now I’m going to be me – and I hope I will finally be happy.’ Ms Cooper, who took blockers to stop her puberty when she was transitioning, had been used by critics to cast doubt on sex-swap treatment for teens.She is now ready to put that all behind her and is looking forward to the rest of her life.Ms Cooper has even decided to pay for some of the gender reassignment surgery herself in order to silence critics who don’t believe it should be offered on the NHS.They’re able to do this by swiping right on a profile picture and matching with other people just like on Tinder.From there on they can send images and messages to each other through Snapchat, which is used by the app.It said that interviews with victims of exploitation revealed they were unsure what was consensual and what represented an abuse of power.