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The family of a Dallas police officer accused of shooting dead an unarmed black schoolboy claim he is the 'perfect father figure' who may have been suffering from PTSD when he opened fire.

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The child, thought to be called Uday, says he was sent by 'Amo', which means uncle, with instructions to target 'the army'. In the next few moments, the soldier slowly snips off bandages holding up the device, which appears to include a mobile phone and batteries.When the child flinches, the soldier says: 'Don't be afraid'.To the west, the mostly Iranian-backed Shi’ite militias known as Popular Mobilisation have cut off the highway to Syria, but they have yet to close in on the city.Iraqi military estimates initially put the number of insurgents in Mosul at 5,000 to 6,000, facing a 100,000-strong coalition force.The Balch Springs Police Department initially claimed the vehicle was reversing towards officers in an 'aggressive manner' until body camera footage revealed the youngsters were actually driving away when Oliver began shooting with his rifle.

Roy Oliver's mother, Linda, told Daily her son would not have endangered Jordan Edwards because he has two toddlers.She has received death threats and abuse online and a video of her is circulating accompanied by Arabic text that reads: “Brothers around the world, if you see her, kill her.” On her smartphone, Erelle has a CCTV picture of three British girls — Shamima Begum, 15, Kadiza Sultana, 16, and Amira Abase, 15 — as they passed through Gatwick airport two weeks ago in flowing scarves and skinny jeans, en route to join ISIS in Syria. “It’s the same instruction I was given when I was traveling to Syria. Be there one day and the next, disappear.” It was not actually Erelle who wanted to travel to Syria but “Melodie,” a 20-year-old would-be jihadist bride she created on the Internet.“Look at them, they’re perfect,” she said, pointing a manicured fingernail at the screen. They look just as if they are off to spend a fortnight on the beach in Turkey. Erelle, 32, is a journalist with a weekly news magazine in Paris who specializes in covering the Middle East.Two years ago, she carried out a series of interviews with teenagers in the banlieues, the poverty-stricken suburbs of Paris which have become a breeding ground for extremism, and was intrigued by how many young Muslims had been radicalized. They had hardly read a book and they learnt jihad before religion,” she said.“They’d tell me, ‘You think with your head, we think with our hearts.’ They had a romantic view of radicalism.A soldier can be seen gently lifting up the child's blue shirt, bearing the name of Chelsea star Eden Hazard, to reveal what looks like an explosive belt fastened to his midriff.